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Envision : seeing Beyond
Covering the multitude of challenges and realities faced by Canadian ECPs on a daily basis, Envision has everything from frames and lenses to merchandising and store design, to the latest medical breakthroughs and practice management tips, to human resources and financial planning.

Envue : voir plus loin
Understanding the uniqueness of the francophone market, EnVue : voir plus loin provides relevant content that helps this sizeable demographic remain informed about an industry that is evolving at lightening speed!

BretonJobs.com is a niche employment website specifically geared to the Canadian vision care industry. Launched in April, 2014 (by the name of Bretonjobs.com), the recruiting portal specializes in jobs for opticians, optometrists, optometric assistants, optical clinic support staff and sales representatives.

Where ECPs go for products, services, news and event! Using www.opti-guide.com, optical practitioners can easily find your company and all your products.

Opti-Rep is the #1 key for representatives. You can finally keep all the information you need within reach. Find all the suppliers, brands and professionals’ details and contact information faster and easier than ever before.

Breton Communications helps Canada’s eyecare professionals keep up with current industry trends, events and developments by providing an easy-to-read electronic bulletin on a bi-monthly basis.

This direct email service allows you to target the specific market segment you want to reach. Links embedded into your artwork make it easy for recipients to respond, place an order, enter a contest, request an appointment or simply find out more about your company.

Opti-Mail is a direct mail service that allows you to target your specific audience and reach new prospects as well as existing customers.

Opti-Fax is a fast way to connect with eye care professionals. You can easily reach them out with special promotions and new product offering as well as communicate important information.

Surveys are exceptional tools for researching the profiles, preoccupations, needs, beliefs, opinions and priorities held by a select group. They demonstrate tendencies and allow us to develop well-supported theories.


Miromedia has a solid foundation in the communications field and operates various subsidiaries, covering a wide variety of products and services. Through its very first company Imprimerie Miro, Miromedia has added various subsidiaries to its portfolio, by way of successive acquisitions. While ensuring each subsidiary is well integrated into the group, Miromedia stands out for its personalized approach based on a strong principle: to offer complete and diversified solutions to its customers.

This is why Miromedia is always looking for new products and developing new techniques. Miromedia is the result of this growth strategy, built around one single mission: to position itself as a solutions center, meeting all customer expectations.