Creative Studio

Graphic design – corporate image – website creation


  • Graphic design and logos
  • Creation of websites and online businesses
  • Corporate image and visual identity
  • Strategic planning and marketing
  • Advertising and communications consulting
  • Business start-up
  • Turnkey projects
  • Customized display
  • SEO

Our team, made up of dynamic and creative professionals, has an extensive expertise, solid experience and several achievements to its credit. Our team is committed to providing each of our clients with a professional service and a quality product that exceeds their expectations, through a dynamic and tailor-made approach!


Miromedia has a solid foundation in the communications field and operates various subsidiaries, covering a wide variety of products and services. Through its very first company Imprimerie Miro, Miromedia has added various subsidiaries to its portfolio, by way of successive acquisitions. While ensuring each subsidiary is well integrated into the group, Miromedia stands out for its personalized approach based on a strong principle: to offer complete and diversified solutions to its customers.

This is why Miromedia is always looking for new products and developing new techniques. Miromedia is the result of this growth strategy, built around one single mission: to position itself as a solutions center, meeting all customer expectations.